Marketing Your Property

Marketing Strategies for Your Property

When it comes to marketing your property we know how the Internet has made sales and marketing easier and highly effective. However, we take an old school approach to marketing assets for our clients, that is truly a form of art, and is proven to be effective across virtually all realms of commercial real estate:

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    Direct Contact
    The most important facet of our commercial property marketing process is direct contact with business owners and property investors. Although calling on individuals across the market is part of the process, direct and personal contact, we believe, is an integral part of selling or leasing a commercial building.  
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    Communication and Reporting
    We like to keep our clients informed on the process. Whether we are representing your property for sale, for lease, or both, we will provide you with verbal and periodic broker activity reports to let you know who is being contacted, the level of interest in the market for your property, and more.

    The important thing is that you see how the market is responding to your property, and we can both see if adjustments need to be made.

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    Signs & Property Data Sheets
    The two more visible aspects of our marketing approach are the property data sheet (or information sheet) and property signage options we provide. Our information sheet design comes from our Alliance with Cushman & Wakefield, and their global marketing design services. The sheet will be customized to your property and will be the “face” of your property.

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    Our signs will be installed when you give the word, and will prominently display your property’s availability to neighbors and those passing by.

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    When listing with The Boerke Company, your property is automatically included in one of the biggest commercial real estate networks in the world. With over 250 offices across the world in 60 countries, our Alliance with Cushman & Wakefield gives you and your property the “locally global” exposure it needs.

    We are also involved in other commercial real estate organizations that give us an extensive network to share your availability.

    Partial list includes:


Digital Marketing & Online Presence

Just because we focus on an “old school” approach (above) doesn’t mean we don’t embrace the ever-changing,  fast paced world we live in. That is why we take a multi-prong approach to marketing your property online. All of our clients’ current listings can be found on our website.

Here are the other sites and commercial property databases your property will be featured on:



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