Our iPad Mini giveaway was a success! The giveaway had entrants from all over the country, and even continent. To prove it, the iPad Mini winner, Lindsey M, calls Seattle, WA her home, which is nearly 2,000 miles away from the beautiful, cold shores of Lake Michigan. Congrats Lindsey! You are the envy of the 348 other entries that poured a click or two (or 10) of their own into winning that little iPad.

To make good on our promise of awarding a few lucky “losers”, we did draw the other winners of the Surprise Boerke Themed prize as well. They are Debbie M, Melissa E, Julie R, and Marcus E. This prize will make you smile and hopefully remove that frown from your face after realizing you were so close to winning the iPad Mini. We promise not to stick a picture of an iPad Mini in the gift box, because that would be down right mean.

The quick lowdown on our social media increase and new site visitors is pretty interesting. We increased our Facebook Likes by 240%, gained nearly 50 new followers on Twitter, and even received 8 potential commercial real estate leads! Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking….”I am going to unfollow them now, especially because I am so disgruntled I didn’t win (sad face)”. It wouldn’t be wise to do that, because not only will we continue to pump out interesting commercial real estate related tidbits (and the occasional random post or tweet), but we are planning on more giveaways in the future. So stay tuned.

In closing this giveaway out, we just wanted to thank everyone for entering, some of you many, many times (you know who you are). Just remember to keep us in the back of your mind (even if you attempted to remove us from your mind already) for any commercial real estate needs for you, your family, friends, or company in the future!