In case you missed it, the Milwaukee Business Journal turned 30 this year, and on October 25th they released their 30th anniversary issue. David Boerke, our company’s President, was interviewed to help give perspective to readers on how the city has changed, and where he thinks the city will go in the future. Here is a short story David shared that didn’t make it into print, but is very cool nonetheless:

David Boerke, when interviewed for this article, told a story about how he actually helped the Milwaukee Business Journal find their first office space back in 1983. He picked up the then owner of the Business Journal publications from Mitchell Air Field. The owner was fresh off a flight from Kansas City, where they had just launched a publication there.

David showed him a few spaces that day, and they ended up going into the McGeoch building on 322 E Michigan St (the Milwaukee Business Journal is now located at 825 N Jefferson in Cathedral Square). A day or two later, David introduced the owner to Harry Quadracci, the founder and then owner of Quad/Graphics, to assist the new publication in their printing and distribution needs.

For David’s hard work, and because of the new friendship that formed while working together, the Business Journal owner gave David a leather briefcase with his initials” D.C.B.”, that he still uses to this day. Sometimes, David even tucks his latest print edition of the Business Journal in it for later reading (well, he may or not, but probably has, because why wouldn’t he, it is such a nice document holder). 

Look Closely to see the initials "D.C.B."

Look Closely to see the initials “D.C.B.”

Remember that short story while you read the Business Journal “Time Capsule” article….that our city would not have the Milwaukee Business Journal if it weren’t for The Boerke Company! Well, it might have still existed, but David would not have received his amazing leather briefcase that he has used for exactly as long as the Business Journal has been in Milwaukee, 30 years. Congrats on turning 30.