AMF Bowling Lanes

(MILWAUKEE)—The Boerke Company, Inc. has announced that they are marketing three former AMF Bowling Center buildings in Southeastern Wisconsin as redevelopment opportunities. The properties that are now for sale include the West Allis location at 10973 W Lapham Avenue, 901 Northview Road in Waukesha, and 305 N Chicago Avenue in South Milwaukee. The two remaining AMF locations, one in Wauwatosa on 117th and Burleigh, the other at 76th and Oklahoma in Milwaukee, are still open and operating.

The three locations are very similar buildings, but Kevin Riordan and Rand Wolf, the listing brokers on the properties, are looking into a unique marketing approach for each one. “The West Allis location may lend itself towards a high visibility industrial or retail redevelopment because of the Highway 100 frontage, and the Waukesha location has already been getting interest from more industrial type buyers,” said Riordan. “The South Milwaukee site is nestled in-between residential properties, so this site may be more of a multi-family play or possibly even a church user, but for all three, we won’t know what they will be until the offers start coming in.”

The bowling center buildings have rich histories in their respective neighborhoods. The youngest of the three buildings is the Waukesha location, which was built in 1977, while the West Allis building on Lapham, the oldest of the three, was built in 1958. The AMF Bowling Centers have not been actively marketed until this week, and both listing brokers were already receiving calls on them over a week ago.

“These buildings have all been big parts of their communities, are in great locations, and sit on 5 acre or larger sites so it is no wonder we have already seen this much interest,” said Rand Wolf, one of The Boerke Company’s listing agents on the AMF properties. “We are going to let the users and the market drive whatever will end up being the second life at the three sites.” The Boerke Company has all three properties listed on their website at, with pricing ranging from $950,000 for the South Milwaukee location and up to $3 million for the Highway 100 location in West Allis.

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