Nestled on the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee thrives as a vibrant commercial real estate hub, rich in history and cultural charm. Its diverse and evolving economy boasts key sectors like manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and technology, making it an attractive destination for businesses and investors nationwide. The region’s strategic Midwest location offers convenient access to regional and national markets, creating an enticing environment for commercial real estate users and investors seeking promising opportunities.

Milwaukee’s allure extends beyond its economic significance. Vibrant festivals, world-class museums, lively theaters, and a passionate love for sports create an energetic atmosphere that captivates both residents and businesses alike. This blend of history, modernity, and thriving cultural offerings makes Milwaukee an ideal backdrop for companies looking to establish a strong presence and grow their operations.

At Cushman & Wakefield | Boerke, we stand ready to guide you through Milwaukee’s dynamic market. With a legacy since 1921, our expertise empowers businesses to make informed decisions and unlock the city’s boundless potential. Discover the opportunities that await you in Milwaukee, where a thriving business ecosystem and endless possibilities await.

Milwaukee Market Insights

Milwaukee Office MarketBeat | Q1 2024

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Milwaukee Industrial MarketBeat | Q1 2024

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As the State Capitol of Wisconsin, Madison’s economic significance lies in its reputation as an innovation and knowledge hub. With the University of Wisconsin-Madison and research institutions driving growth, the region thrives in industries like biotechnology, healthcare, software development, and advanced manufacturing. The foundation of academia attracts diverse businesses, making Madison an appealing destination for startups and established companies. Beyond its economic prowess, Madison’s vibrant cultural scene, from bustling farmers’ markets to stunning lakeside views, captivates both residents and businesses.

Strategically positioned at the crossroads of major transportation routes, Madison offers convenient connectivity to regional and national markets. Supported by robust infrastructure, including an expanding airport and efficient highways, businesses find an accessible and efficient ecosystem that fosters growth.

In 2020, Cushman & Wakefield | Boerke proudly opened a regional office in Madison, expanding our network of clients and business partners in one of Wisconsin’s largest real estate markets. Our expertise empowers businesses to make informed decisions and unlock Madison’s boundless potential.

Madison Market Insights

Madison Office MarketBeat | Q1 2024

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Madison Industrial MarketBeat | Q1 2024

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